Basic Engineering (First Year)

Welcome to Basic Engineering!

Head of the Department:

Mr.B. Raveendran., Msc. B.Ed.,M.Phil.,

Mr.S. Duraisankar., Msc. B.Ed.,M.Phil.,

Bridge Course:

The bridge course acts as a foundation course and it concentrates on the basic concepts and practical applications that facilitate the path of learning and enable the successive years, a cake walk for the students.

Course contents:

In the first year, students are trained in Applied MAthematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering chemistry, English and Engineering Graphics. Basic Engineering is equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Workshop and Computer Application Lab.


Students are allowed to do their experiments individually. Useful information is displayed through charts to enhance their knowledge.

Computer Application Lab:

It is equipped with adequate software and hardware materials and is fully groomed to attract the students to know the basics of computer science. The students are provides with internet facility and can search for information.

Communication & Audio Visual Lab:

From the Second year onwards all students are trained in communicative skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing through the computerized English Laboratory. Each student is provided with a head phone accompanied by audio-visual aids to improve their communicative skills. The Audio-Visual Lab offers a venue for students to use and develop their creativity.