Electronics & Communication Engineering

Head of the Department:

Mrs. A.Lourdhu Mary B.E


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the academic year 1985-1986.


The Department offers full time program as per the curriculum of Department Of Technical Education-Chennai, Tamilnadu.


Department of ECE is well equipped with excellent facilities to create quality Diploma students in the field of technology.

Course contents:

For Second year students the department offers Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electric Circuits and Instrumentation, 'C' Programming and Object Oriented Programming, Analog and Digital Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Communication Engineering etc.

For Third year students, the department offers Microprocessor and Micro Controller, Advanced Communication Systems, Very Large Scale Integration, Computer Hardware & Networking Embedded systems and BIO medical Instrumentation etc.


Besides basic equipments, department has versatile Analog Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Programmable Logic Controller, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes to meet out emerging trends in industries. Apart from older communication Transmitter, Phase Shift Keying Transmitter and Receiver for modern Communications.

In Digital and Microprocessor Lab, we have Microprocessor 8085, 8086, Microcontroller 8031/8051 and interfacing with keyboard, Analog to Digital Converter, Stepper Motor, Traffic equipments, Students can program the Integrated Chips and do embedded related projects.

Also we have Overhead Projector,Liquid Crystal Display Image Scanner, Printer and latest computers with software.

Department Library:

In addition to the books in main library, we have a department library containing 360 books and 80 CD's.


The department have secured very good result. Two of our students have secured State IV (593/600) and State VII (592/600)Tanks in the last year. Department has organized Workshop / Seminar on Cutting edge Technologies for upgrading staff and student with recent trends in industries.