1. Accomadation for over 250 students.
  2. All rooms are provided with Fans and Tables.
    Modern Kitchen to provide Hygienic Food at reasonable rate.
  3. Adequate number of Bathrooms / Toilets.
  4. Phone facility for communication.
  5. Adequate recreation facilities.

Hostel Rules:

  • Good conduct, cleanliness, obedience and self-discipline are expected from inmates.
  • Hostelers should not go out of the campus without the prior permission of the Deputy Warden.

  • If they want to go out with the permission of the Deputy Warden, they must note the time of their leaving also their time of arrival in the presence of the Deputy Warden in the Register maintained therefor.
  • Hostelers are forbidden to stay in the premises of the Hostel during the class hours/ Examination hours from 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M., unless they are really sick and taking rest with the permission of the Deputy Warden.
  • All Hostellers must compulsorily take part in Sports and Games after 5.00 P.M and no one is permitted to stay inside the room.
  • Smoking, chewing tobocco, use of intoxicants,playing cards or drinking in the premises are strictly prohibited.
  • Hostellers should maintain strict silence during study hours.
  • Any damage caused to hostel properties shall be paid for by the inmate at fault or if is not traceable, by all the inmates collectively. Incase of wanton mischief or carelessness, fine also will be levied. The hostel inmated may even be evicted from the hostel.
  • In the matter of dispute, if any. Warden's decision is final.
  • Hostellers are permitted to visit their homes once a month. They will however have to come in time for classes on the weekdays following.
  • Any one who violates any of the above rules or any other regulation passed from time to time either by word or deed shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and will be punished severely.