Our Library Plays a vital role in the curricular development of students.

Our library has valuable collection of books numbering 20,724 with

  • Reference Books
  • Journals
  • Technical Magazines
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Multimedia Packages containing 3039 CDs, 35 Audios and 16 Videos

NewGenLib Library Software system for locating books through author, title and subjects.

CCTV facility to identify the misbehavior, niggling and mishandling library.

Finger Print Attendance system:

The TCMS V2 is a comprehensive and powerful management tool designed exclusively for FingerTec’s fingerprint terminals. The TCMS V2 centralizes, stores and manages all the time attendance information extracted from connected FingerTec terminals to create an easily-managed and networked attendance solution, simplifying human resources tasks and thus reducing labor costs of an organization.
The TCMS V2 comes fully loaded with powerful features that allow users to automate time attendance tracking, and is able to generate many different attendance reports for further analysis or for integration with a third-party

The library Services:

  1. Open access system are followed
  2. Online & Printed Catalogue
  3. Staff & Students Books lending service
  4. Digital Colour Laser Printing & A3 Color Xerrox
  5. Digital MonoChrome Laser Printing & A3 Xerrox
  6. Risco Digital Duplicator Copies
  7. Office Laminator Labeler
  8. Digital Video Corner
  9. On Line & Printed Catalogue
  10. Previous Years Board Examinations Question Papers
  11. Spiral Binding (Stick & Wire Binding)
  12. Computer Scanning Services
  13. High speed Broadband internet connection is available for student surfing with 30 terminals
  14. FingerTec TA 100c Series for Attendance Control System is followed


Total Area               : 319.34 Sq.m

a.Reading Hall Area     : 82.99 Sq.m

b.Stacking Area            :156.05 Sq.m

Working Hours:

8.30 A.M to 6.00 P.M (All Week Days)

8.30 A.M to 1.00 P.M (Sundays)

Library will remain open on all working days except Government Holidays.

Library Rules:

  1. Perfect silence should be maintained inside the library.
  2. Any marking or annotating of books is absolutely forbidden.
  3. Feel free to consult the librarian for any assistance
  4. Each teaching staff & students will be given FOUR books only to be kept for 15 days.
  5. Three renewals will be allowed subject to reservation.
  6. Overdue charges at the rate of Rs.1/- per day will be collected for the period of one week for the books that are kept beyond the due date of return. Failing to do so will be viewed seriously.
  7. If anyone looses a library book or damages it in such a way that it hampers its useful usage, he or she will have to replace it with a new book of same author and title or to remit triple cost of the book to the institution.
  8. For issue of Hall tickets for Board Examination a clearance certificate 'No Books due' must be obtained from the librarian.
  9. Personal belongings like files,notebooks must be left in the shelf at the entrance of the library.